Healing rotation for shaman

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My Shaman is Elemental, i have a HolyPriest for healing. And i can't imagine why healers try to compare their hps. I went BT and was the worst equipped healer, only .
You're thinking way too much about this. Just play your priest, and play it often. You'll get a feel for your assignments (you won't be on tanks very often, and .
Resto shaman healing rotation cataclysm: Resto shaman healing rotation cataclysm, Guns chambered in 762x54r. Hillsborough county jail frequency nh. 3:42 Add to Added .
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Shaman Rotation is a site dedicated to finding the best Shaman Rotations every time a new WoW expansion and patch comes out. Updated 4.2
this is how I think you should heal with the new spec. will probably do new edits of this after doing a few weeks of raiding.
Do healing shaman use Tidal Force in their rotation?, EpicAdvice.com - The World of Warcraft Question and Answer Website
Shaman healing has always been fairly straightforward, lolspam chain heal, and keep earthshield, water shield, and all your totems in play. Now blizzard is putting .
Here i will show you you a resto shaman talents build i pritty sure some of it wrong if you find something wrong please tell me and i will change it! As .
I've been spending as much time as I can in the Cataclysm Healing rotation for shaman beta, and trying to maximize as much of my time as possible healing. I

Healing rotation for shaman

mean, after all that's what I
MaxDPS Recommends: Amazing 1-85 Leveling Guide! Updated for Cataclysm: Available NOW!
THIS POST IS NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED! (But still may be useful as a healing primer for the totally new) For up-to-date advice and math, point your
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  • What should my healing rotation/glyphs be? . Quashing bugs and fixing errors in the spiders. Working on some really neat visualizations of the WoW data.

RT->HW->HW->HW repeat. Replace with GHW if fallign behind, HS if really low. glyphs: earth shield, earthliing, riptide, healing wave, chain heal, healing stream totem.
Shamans are a very versatile class which offer a plethora of options for both DPS and
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