whats the street price for 10mg adderall

31. října 2011 v 19:19

It depends on if it`s fast or extended release and on the mg of the pill. For example a 10mg fast release would cost about $5-6 to the end user.
depending where your at, i.e. say a college campus and its finals week I've heard of them going for $15 a pop to some kid who knows no better.
Best Answer: The oxycodone, percocet, valium and adderall are probably the most expensive. I pay around six dollars for an adderall 30. Oxy is in high demand so that .
Best Answer: the person above is right. .but it depends on the dose too. Also, it whats the street price for 10mg adderall depends on the person who sells it, they can charge you a low price because youre .
Can anyone tell me what the average cost for Adderall and Ritalin you can buy from someone without the prescription? I would like to know the price for the different .
5 dollars a piece. / Depends on the street! some states it can go for $3 to $5 is the higher end
What is the average street price of 20mg XL Adderal? I'd say in a good market $1 for every 10mg. In bad markets (where Adderall is rare or in high demand, ie-college .
BUY ADDERALL We sell drugs without prescription! Minimal order 100 tablets Discount 15% whats the street price for 10mg adderall if you buy 300 tablets Adderall XR(Extended Release) 15mg 100 capsules $154
Oxycodone and ankles swollen Oxycontin oxycodone vs. ratiopharm Extract ritalin snort er Clearance security adderall Do they sell electronic cigarettes in christi .
Adderall xr 25 mg street price: March 27, 2010, 21:09 By Isaac_22 Adderall xr 25 mg street price October 25, 2006 Total points:. I would like to know the price for .
Just curious. Thx.. edit: Oh, yeah! whats a good dose (6'2"/180lb)? Done plenty of . i had a few hundred of those before and I sold some for $2.00usd each (probably
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